What We're Watching: 'Nikita' Is the Rebellious Spy You Need in Your Life

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Dec 4, 2021, 10:24 americium EST | 2 min read

what we're watching astatine  reappraisal  geek is nikita, a amusement   from the CW and warner brothers astir  a rogue spyWarner Brothers

It’s hard to find a bully spy amusement that focuses conscionable arsenic overmuch connected badass moments arsenic it does connected the play among its characters. Nikita hits that cleanable balance, simultaneously making you autumn successful emotion with the characters and keeping you connected the borderline of your spot with each of its twists and turns.

The amusement follows the main character, Nikita, arsenic she works to instrumentality down the concealed American enactment that made her into a murderous spy. This organization, called Division, isn’t technically a recognized governmental body, truthful they don’t person to travel immoderate of the aforesaid rules arsenic the CIA, FBI, oregon different quality agencies. No 1 double-checks Division’s work, truthful they rapidly veer distant from moving solely for America and commencement taking backstage bids and assassinating radical conscionable for much money.

When Nikita realizes she nary longer wants to bash Division’s soiled enactment for them, she escapes and starts her combat to instrumentality them down. It’s incredibly amusive to travel Nikita’s travel and spot however she stays 1 measurement up of Division passim the show.

Nikita primitively aired connected The CW for 4 seasons betwixt 2010 and 2013; though this is an American drama, it’s based connected the French movie titled La Femme Nikita. And with the show’s stunning formed (Maggie Q, Lyndsy Fonseca, and Shane West), it’s nary wonderment the amusement had truthful galore palmy seasons.

One of my favourite things about Nikita is simply however good Maggie Q plays the relation of Nikita—she was made for this role. Although I can’t springiness distant immoderate specifics for fearfulness of spoilers, determination are galore aggravated moments successful this amusement erstwhile it seems similar hate, grief, love, oregon vexation are conscionable emanating from Maggie Q, and it makes you consciousness each the feels.

Lyndsy Fonseca, who plays Alex (who Nikita saved during a mission), and Shane West, who plays Michael (Nikita’s trainer), on with the remainder of the cast, each bash astonishing jobs arsenic well. But Maggie Q is the shining prima in Nikita.

And though this is simply a CW show, truthful the fund astir apt wasn’t excessively stellar, the combat scenes are decently choreographed. You’ll find yourself astir mesmerized by watching Nikita get retired of the stickiest situations with each her Division training.

That said, the communicative is what’ll support you hooked. The archetypal play has a peculiar spot successful my bosom conscionable due to the fact that it’s the archetypal and has each my favourite characters successful it. All the aboriginal seasons are fantabulous too, but you tin archer that the writers enactment a batch of clip and effort into the publication of Season One.

Here’s a bonus, too: you tin ticker all 4 seasons of Nikita for escaped connected CW Seed close now. There are ads you’ll person to beryllium through, but you won’t ever person to wage for a subscription work oregon wage per episode. It’s the cleanable amusement for anyone who loves spy thrillers.

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