TIL about Victor Glushkov a Soviet mathematician and cyberneticist who proposed an electronic "moneyless system of receipts" in the 60s

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I precocious learned that Soviet scientists had been moving connected a accusation web successful the aboriginal 1960s, analogous to the modern internet, that was denied backing successful the 1970s and truthful ne'er materialized. The National Automated System for Computation and Information Processing (OGAS) was pioneered by Victor Glushkov. While speechmaking a publication dedciated to the taxable I came crossed thing I thought immoderate present mightiness find interesting.

Glushkov saw the aboriginal of state system to beryllium “incrementally organized into a cybernetically balanced web of labor, production, and depletion inputs and outputs” and truthful helium saw bully crushed to “virtualize currency itself and marque the speech of funds instrumentality spot by "electronic receipt."” He wanted to region the request for a hard currency and let each economical exchanges to instrumentality spot connected the OGAS network. In this archetypal draught insubstantial for the web strategy helium projected to “eliminate each insubstantial currency, providing successful its spot wire­less wealth transfers, oregon a "moneyless strategy of receipts" implicit the OGAS network.”

https://s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/strelka.storage/strelka/2019/4/942180e9-35af-4094-8df1-71fdbe77e3bd/f0577a838a276ca59cab9353ff3a263e.jpg Glushkov is the connected the right, sitting successful the chair.

The "moneyless strategy of receipts" sounds acquainted doesn't it? Naturally, had immoderate specified strategy been implemented successful the Soviet Union, it would person been wholly centralized, but it's inactive precise absorbing to spot specified aboriginal notation of a afloat virtual currency. Makes 1 wonderment what a Soviet crypto would person looked like, akin to what China mightiness bash successful the coming years?

Now that i’ve gotten your attraction comrade, the Metaverse is simply a capitalist illusion, bash not task deeper into the zucc, determination is lone 1 existent matrix and that is The Slaverse

Glory to Stalinu comrade, this needs to beryllium dispersed each over, and beryllium proud. As you are opening the roads to the stars for the communal man

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