The Fortnite island flipped over during Chapter 2’s final event

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Fortnite’s large chapter-ending lawsuit conscionable ended, and it was a large one. After an all-out warfare against UFOs, zombies, and the Cube Queen, players were saved successful a rescue ngo led by Dwayne Johnson. (Well, his in-game character.) Then, the land flipped over.

The event

Let’s backmost up a bit. The game’s latest play has been all astir the cubes, and close erstwhile the lawsuit loaded up, a mysterious elephantine bluish cube spawned connected the representation adjacent to each of the players successful my lobby. Jumping astatine the cube bounced players away, but it otherwise, didn’t bash thing beyond loom ominously. We besides could look astatine the Cube Queen successful the distance, which has been floating successful an vigor shot implicit the halfway of the land for portion of the season.

Hello, bluish cube. Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Verge
The Cube Queen floats menacingly successful the distance. Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Verge

When determination were 10 minutes earlier the lawsuit started, the Cube Queen’s evil laughter echoed implicit the land and zombies started spawning successful beforehand of our base. Fortunately, weapons were added to everyone’s inventory, truthful players worked to fend disconnected the incoming zombie troopers (though the zombies didn’t look to airs immoderate existent threat).

Stay back! Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Verge

When the timepiece reached zero, an alarm blared implicit the island, and the Cube Queen’s pyramid shone bright. She launched a beam into the entity that opened up a immense portal revealing a horde of elephantine UFOs. During the game’s seventh season, the land was nether the shadiness of conscionable 1 UFO; the Cube Queen had brought an army.

UFOs and zombies approached the bluish cube arsenic players tried to fend them off. But the conflict began to look unwinnable, and things went from atrocious to worse erstwhile a UFO blew up the bluish cube.

Yikes. Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Verge

After that, the lawsuit took an absorbing twist, moving the position nether the aboveground of the land to a CGI cutscene. (It was benignant of similar if Netflix made a Fortnite TV show.) The game’s main character, Agent Jones, was strapped to a laboratory seat with a instrumentality connected his head, and Doctor Slone, who betrayed players astatine the extremity of past season, was seemingly astir to extremity Jones’ life. Then, a hulking fig known arsenic The Foundation burst successful to prevention the time — and helium took disconnected his disguise to uncover that he’s played by, as suspected, nary different than Dwayne Johnson.

As Jones and The Foundation tried to get to safety, 2 different characters dressed likewise to The Foundation rescued players connected the aboveground and brought them down to the interior island. Players were past fixed power to travel idiosyncratic called The Scientist to get to Jones and The Foundation. But during the escape, the land began to extremity implicit spot by bit.

The land dilatory began to extremity over. Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Verge

Eventually, players made it to Jones and The Foundation astatine the Zero Point (essentially a large shot of vigor that has been a cardinal crippled constituent successful Fortnite). The Scientist assured everyone that we were safe, but past 1 of the elephantine zombies smashed a window, causing h2o to unreserved successful and for each of america to beryllium forced out.

Soon, my quality surfaced and watched arsenic the land dilatory tipped up to beryllium wholly vertical and past autumn the different way. That crushed the Cube Queen, which caused the elephantine portal with the UFOs to adjacent up. Then the land flipped each the mode implicit revealing a full caller landscape. At a distance, you could spot a small spot of the caller areas to explore, but a tidal question rapidly swept my subordinate retired to sea.

When volition Fortnite beryllium back?

Just maine and the unfastened water. Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Verge

Now, Fortnite conscionable shows my subordinate astatine oversea connected an bare log. I can’t move, and there’s hardly thing connected surface but for me, my log, and the immense unfastened ocean. It’s each reminiscent of the black hole that bridged the modulation betwixt Chapters 1 and 2.

There’s nary timer oregon immoderate benignant of denotation of erstwhile Chapter 3 mightiness beryllium playable. But if you privation a sneak peek of what’s to come, a leaked trailer looks to person spoiled a batch of what you tin expect.

This chapter, which kicked disconnected successful October 2019 aft a multi-day downtime featuring the achromatic hole, pushed Fortnite’s growing communicative ambitions with events featuring first-person storytelling, an arcade shooter against a Marvel villain, a thrilling single-player lawsuit to effort and stabilize reality, and adjacent a ngo wrong an alien mothership afloat of cubes. Chapter 2’s concluding lawsuit took things different measurement forward, and present we’ll person to hold and spot what Epic has successful store for Chapter 3.

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