Got crypto? Here are 3 software wallets for storage, staking and swapping

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Nearly each conception of the crypto assemblage underwent explosive maturation successful 2021. The dependable inflow of organization funds could perchance beryllium interpreted arsenic a awesome that the champion is yet to come.

For caller users, figuring retired however to get cryptocurrency tin beryllium a tedious task, and the situation of securing the assets disconnected exchanges is different hurdle immoderate investors find hard to overcome.

Here’s a rundown of immoderate of the astir utilized cryptocurrency brushed wallets that enactment a wide swath of tokens and connection users entree to decentralized concern (DeFi), nonfungible tokens (NFTs), staking opportunities and airdrops.


MetaMask was primitively launched to enactment the Ethereum blockchain and decentralized applications (DApps) that tally connected apical of it. It is present disposable arsenic a browser hold and smartphone application.

The institution launched successful 2016 and has mostly benefited from a first-mover vantage to go 1 of the most fashionable and wide integrated wallets, and it is 1 of the fewer to enactment astir each blockchain network.

A speedy scroll done the supported networks connected Chainlist, a level that provides a database of Ethereum Virtual Machine- (EVM)-compatible networks and instructions connected however to adhd immoderate listed web to their MetaMask wallet, shows hundreds of blockchain networks supported by MetaMask including galore of the apical astute declaration competitors.

Currently, MetaMask supports Avalanche, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, HECO Mainnet, Optimism and Arbitrum, and it’s casual for users to usage assorted bridges to transportation tokens betwixt the supported networks.

MetaMask has besides integrated a swap diagnostic straight into the wallet to springiness users entree to an aggregated database of decentralized exchanges (DEXs). According to information from Dune Analytics, the regular swap measurement connected MetaMask swap has steadily accrued passim 2021.

MetaMask swaps regular volume. Source: Dune Analytics

The emergence successful swap measurement has besides travel alongside rumors that MetaMask volition yet release a token of its own and galore users are anticipating an airdrop.


Phantom is simply a fashionable bundle wallet and browser hold disposable for Solana web users.

Similar to MetaMask, the Phantom wallet has a built-in DEX that allows users to marque nonstop swaps wrong the software, frankincense avoiding the hazard of connecting to a scam website oregon paying state fees to transportation the funds retired of the wallet to different exchange.

There are rumors that Phantom could motorboat its ain token and airdrop a information of the proviso to aboriginal adopters. So far, however, this is thing much than axenic speculation and thing has been mentioned by the developer yet.

The wallet besides has an NFT tracking diagnostic and users tin besides transact with disposable NFT marketplaces.

Similar to different wallets, Phantom users tin involvement Solana (SOL) tokens without needing to transportation the assets. Recently, the squad announced a concern with MoonPay that volition let users to usage fiat currency and recognition cards to acquisition tokens successful the Solana ecosystem.

— MoonPay (@moonpay) November 17, 2021

The task is besides processing smartphone applications that volition let users entree to the Solana web straight from their astute devices.


Keplr wallet is the archetypal inter blockchain communication- (IBC)-enabled wallet and browser hold for the Cosmos web that allows users to store and entree tokens wrong the ecosystem.

It presently supports much than 15 networks including Cosmos, Secret Network, Kava,, IRISnet and Persistence, and the squad regularly adds enactment for caller chains with respective projects presently nether beta access.

Holders of the supported tokens are capable to involvement their holdings straight done the Keplr wallet and the app works connected Android and iOS devices.

— Keplr Wallet (@keplrwallet) October 14, 2021

At the moment, determination are nary rumors of a imaginable Keplr token oregon airdrop to users, but 1 tin ne'er beryllium definite astir what mightiness hap successful the crypto sector. If Keplr integrates fashionable features similar its ain swap interface oregon an NFT marketplace, past the accidental of a autochthonal token is ever a possibility.

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